Night shadows floating on reverb and chorus, distant echoes from the subconscious calling for melancholia and darkness, longing for unknown and strange spheres. 

German solo artist Scyr who lives and works in munich released his debut album „ So Sad“ with eleven tracks in classic 80s New Wave style and the vigorous sadness of modern Cold Wave. 

Born in 1987 the artist and sound designer for films could not experience this decade actively, but its vibrations are still reverberating in his songs. Driven by a desire for a lost age, he does not only want to recreate sound characteristics, but furthermore tries to establish a connection to a zeitgeist that many people deal with by writing about topics like transcience and alienation. Inspired by iconic filmmakers like Andrei Tarkovsky and its melancholic science-fiction works or the mysteries of his own dreams, Scyr creates nostalgic and shimmering soundscapes. 


The debut album „So Sad“ is eclectic and elusive like a dream, unreal and true like a dream, sweet and dark like a dream. There is no border between the past and the future.” - Scyr


New Wave, Postpunk, Synthpop


"Munich, Germany-based solo artist, Scyr, offers his own version of dark and sharp, eighties-bent new wave with a natural propensity toward post punk and coldwave. The artist's debut album, So Sad, has been released recently, and it comes abounding in ethereal qualities, flaunting an incredible production, interesting lyrics and a consistently absorbing vocal which is also the epicenter of the whole moodiness emitted by Scyr's sound."

- Destroy//Exist

Comparable Artists

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photo: Sophie Wanninger

photo: Sophie Wanninger

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